MECSPE, the Italian reference fair for the manufacturing industry, took place in Parma from March 17th to 19th. More than 30 000 visitors, mainly coming from the Italian manufacturing industry, were there to look for suppliers and innovative solutions.

Kreon at Control Italy trade show
Kreon Technologies attended this trade show, exhibiting its products in the thematic hall dedicated to metrology and testing: Control Italy (Hall 5). During three days, Kreon took the opportunity to introduce its products and to make demonstrations of its solutions, which meet the requirements of various industrial applications: reverse engineering, fast inspection, quality control, rapid prototyping, etc.

Coming from various industrial sectors, and with specific and technical needs, visitors discovered Kreon measuring and scanning arms, but also optical tracking solution.

Kreon Ace measuring arms, the perfect solution for probing and scanning

Kreon Ace measuring arms are available in 6 or 7 axes version, and from 2 to 4.5 meters working volume. Being developed under innovative technology and high-quality materials, they are different from the others by their modern and smart design. Whatever your needs (probing or scanning) and the place you work (workshop or metrological lab), they provide measuring accuracy and useful functionalities: temperature regulation, integrated battery, wireless connection.

AirTrack Handheld, for large measuring volume

AirTrack is the Kreon range of product dedicated to tracking solutions. Suitable for Kreon Zephyr II and Kreon Solano scanners, AirTrack Handheld enables to scan high-volume parts (from 10 m3 to 35 m3), and allows contact and non-contact measurements. AirTrack Handheld, being composed of an optical tracker and a handle equipped with a 3D scanner, is a very lightweight portable CMM.

We want to thank all visitors who showed their interest in our products and in our company. We hope they found their visit helpful, and our solutions relevant. We’ll be happy to meet them again on our next international shows: in the next few days, Kreon will exhibit at Industrie trade show (France – Paris, April from 4th to 8th) and to Control trade show (Germany – Stuttgart, April from 26th to 29th).

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