Scanning arm – Ace Solano Blue

Portable CMM with external 3D laser scanner

Competitive solution to scan any part with any color

Ace Solano Blue package is a easy to use scanning solution at a competitive price. The Solano Blue laser line enables to scan most of the parts, especially the reflective ones. Ace Solano Blue scanning arm, as a portable CMM, can be used everywhere (even outdoor) for contact and non-contact measurements, due to its efficient temperature compensation.
Scanner specifications

Max Speed

50,000 pts/sec



Laser line width


Max Frequency


Efficient portable CMM

Scanning of reflective surfaces

Designed with the 25 years Kreon experience, equipped with a blue laser technology, and optimized with the AQC settings, the Solano Blue has all the keys to scan easily shiny parts with carbon, chrome or black glossy materials.

Portable CMM

Thanks to temperature compensation, Ace Solano Blue can be used everywhere either in the workshop, the metrology lab or outdoor. The Wifi and the integrated battery enable to scan without any wire. Besides, the handle on the base helps to easily carry the arm.

Ease of use

Just plug and play and scan all you want. No need of complex installation with a lot of wires and settings. Ace Solano Blue with its very short learning curve is the perfect package for teams that want to be productive instantly.

Contact and non-contact measurement:

The Solano Blue scanner can be equipped with a hard probe or a touch-probe. This solution enables to scan and probe in the same measuring range, which is useful and efficient, especially for the alignment operations.

Solano Blue external scanner

3D scanner easy to use with all measuring arms

Ace measuring arm

The ideal portable CMM for high accuracy 3D measurement

Ace Solano Blue specifications


Scanning performanceProbing performance
Point repeatability
Probing performance
Volumetric accuracy
ACE-7-200.047 mm0.022 mm0.032 mm
ACE-7-250.053 mm0.027 mm0.038 mm
ACE-7-300.066 mm0.042 mm0.051 mm
ACE-7-350.077 mm0.054 mm0.062 mm
ACE-7-400.089 mm0.069 mm0.074 mm
ACE-7-450.104 mm0.078 mm0.089 mm

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