Versatility for all your needs


Due to the KREON 3D scanners standard connections, we are sure to have a solution that is compatible with your needs, and existing systems.

All our scanners can be used with Kreon Ace and Kreon Baces Arms, as well as with most other CMMs of the market today.

We offer a range of scanners that are also compatible with CMM’s, CNC machines or robots.

Contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Versatility with robot, CMM, CNC and portable CMM

Kreon 3D scanners comparison

Kreon 3D scanners

Skyline Eyes

Skyline Wide

Skyline Open

Solano Blue

Zephyr III 150

Zephyr III 50

Zephyr II Blue

Solano CMM
The most accurate on armThe fastest on armThe most affordable on armThe entry-level solution for armsHigh productivity on CMMHigh accuracy on CMMVersatility for all your needsThe entry-level solution for CMMs
Scanning speed pts/sec600.000
Accuracy (2σ)9 µm
15 µm
15 µm
25 µm
14 µm
5 µm
10 µm
30 µm
Laser line length100 mm
200 mm
100 mm
100 mm
150 mm
50 mm
70 mm
100 mm
Frequency300 Hz
300 Hz
200 Hz
90 Hz
300 Hz
300 Hz
250 Hz
90 Hz
Resolution25 µm
50 µm
50 µm
140 µm
50 µm
15 µm
50 µm
140 µm

Blue Laser

Kreon Technologies was the first to develop blue laser technology. Its main benefit being the ability to scan reflective surfaces without damaging them or using any surface preparation materials. We are the world leaders, continuously striving to provide the most efficient, high performance blue laser scanners, Skyline, Zephyr III, Solano Blue and Zephyr II Blue, at the most competitive prices.

Blue Laser for rapid prototyping
Zephyr II probing

Kreon 3D scanners are designed for scanning and probing


We have a patented system: our 3D scanners can be equipped with a probe, which means that there is no need to disconnect your scanner when changing from scanning to probing and vice versa. The flexibility of our scanners saves time and ensures reliable 3D measurements.

With these intelligent software solutions, our scanners have got a brain

Auto quality chek icon

Kreon software Zenith

Software for Kreon measuring arms,
Zenith manages probing and scanning of industrial parts for 3D measurement and quality control. It is easy to use and free.

polygonia software icon

Kreon Plugin

Kreon plugins can be installed into the major third-party programs (see software compatibility) to use Kreon arms and scanners on your favorite software.

Temperature compensation

As portability and accuracy are important characteristics, Kreon products can be used both in metrology labs and workshops. Our systems are equipped with special sensors which adjust to temperature variations.

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