3D scanner: Solano CMM

Affordable scanning on CMM

Economic solution, all CMM ready, Auto Quality Check
The Solano CMM 3D scanner is equipped with a red laser and enables to scan most of industrial parts with a good accuracy and a high scanning speed.
Moreover, like Zephyr II range of products, a Renishaw TP 2/20/200 probe can be added to the scanner, enabling then a unique contact/non contact measurement mix.

This 3D scanner can work with many CMMs.

To ensure a complete compatibility on CMM, Kreon has developped a plug-in (polygonia) running with the main software of the market.

Software compatibility list

3D scanner optimized for CMM


40,000 pts/sec



Laser line width



Ready for CMM retrofit > more +

Hard probe and touch probe (TP2/TP20/TP200) integration > more +

Stand-alone or plug-in software > more +

Auto Quality Check > more +


Plug-and-play (no controller)

Easy to use

Quick set-up

Fast learning


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Machine specifications

Machine interfaceDriven CMMs
Renishaw compatibilityMIH,PH10 T, PH10M/MQ Multiwire and IS1-2
Probe compatibility under the scannerRenishaw TP 2/20/200
PC communicationEthernet

3D scanner specifications

Line resolution140 µm
Stand-off distance100 mm
Field of view100 mm
Temperature compensationYes
Laser classRed, Class 2M

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