3D scanners: Zephyr III range

Advanced 3D scanner for CMM, robot, measuring arm, machine tool etc.

SKyline 3D scanner : wide laser line, very fast 600000 pts/sec and blue laser accuracy
The Zephyr III range has been designed to meet growing productivity needs.

Available with a 150mm or a 50mm laser lines, the Zephyr III 3D scanners are high end products which can easily scan the most complex parts in record time. Their blue laser lines enable to scan black and glossy surfaces deemed difficult. As versatile product, they cover all measurement needs on CMM and can easily be switched on measuring arm, robot, machine tool and optical tracker.

Zephyr III range, beyond the limit of 3D scanning

A concentrate of 30 years experience

The high technological level of the Zephyr III 3D scanner makes it possible to carry out demanding operations such as GD&T analyzes or color mapping, with complete confidence.

With a high acquisition frequency (300hz), a 150 mm wide line (Zephyr III 150) and a full integration with automated process, Zephyr III delivers prodigious productivity level.

Two scanners to cover all metrology applications


The most accurate

Dedicated to high accuracy and resolution scanning on small geometries.
No detail can escape it: engraving, drilling, part edge, grooves, etc.


The fastest

With a 150mm laser line, it scans the largest parts in record time.
Ideal for full surface inspection: deformation, assembly, wear, etc.

Full automatized integration on CMM

  • A unique software to drive the CMM, the scanner and to process datas.
  • Possibility to automatically calibrate the scanner positions onto the indexing head.
  • Use a probe directly connected under the scanner or switch between scanner and probes by using an auto-change rack.
  • Use PH10 motorised indexing heads (T,M and MQ) with Kreon scanner to control all the faces of the part


600,000 pts/sec


5 μm*

Laser line width

150 mm*

Advanced scanning speed

  • Decreased number of scan passes on the part given to a 150 mm laser line (Zephyr III 150).
  • Faster movement of the 3D scanner assured by the increased frequency.
  • Acquisition speed of 600,000 points/sec, allowing to quickly get the dense point cloud.

High resolution and high accuracy

  • 2,000 points per laser line for a high resolution level (15µm*).
  • Optimal accuracy, even on shiny reflective surfaces, due to blue laser fineness.
  • Temperature compensation of the 3D scanner to avoid pre-heating and to maintain a constant accuracy.


  • Use a probe under the scanner for scanning and probing simultaneously.
  • Compatibility with most of the CMM of the market.
  • Usable with PH10 and auto-change racks (ACR3).
  • Extended comptibility with robots, Kreon measuring arm, Optical tracker and machine-tool.

* According to ISO 10360-8:2013, MPE (P[Size.Sph.All:Tr:ODS]): Maximum size error on all measured points (translation mode).
Maximum values depending on the Zephyr III scanner model.

Scanner specifications

Zephyr III 150Zephyr III 50
Max scanning speed600.000 pts/sec600.000 pts/sec
MPE (P[Size.Sph.All:Tr:ODS]) (2σ) *¹14 µm5 µm
MPL (P[Form.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS]) (2σ) *²15 µm8 µm
MPL (P[Form.Pla.D95%:Tr:ODS]) (2σ) *³20 µm10 µm
Max laser line width150 mm50 mm
Max frequency300 Hz300 Hz
Laser line colorBlue 2MBlue 2M
Line resolution50 µm15 µm
Stand-off distance85 mm95 mm
Field of view110 mm40 mm
Temperature compensationYesYes

According to ISO 10360-8:2013:
*¹ MPE (P[Size.Sph.All:Tr:ODS]): Maximum size error on all measured points (translation mode)
*² MPL (P[Form.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS]): Maximum dispersion value on 95% of the measured points on a sphere (translation mode)
*³ MPL (P[Form.Pla.D95%:Tr:ODS]): Maximum dispersion value on 95% of the measured points on a plane (translation mode)

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