Johan Thiriet, founder of ASTTUS, understood the benefits of a 3D scanning solution for part design early on, particularly for projects involving reverse engineering.

His first choice was a 3D scanner turntable, which soon proved insufficiently accurate for his needs. Finally, he opted for a Kreon Ace measuring arm with a Skyline Open scanner. Chosen for its high performance, the system uses the Kreon Zenith software which is supplied as standard with the arm. Since there is no extra charge for the software, the complete solution is extremely competitive and quickly pays for itself.

Measuring arms are mainly used in complex mechanical automotive environments (under the bonnet or in wheel arches) where traditional measuring tools are not suitable for taking fast, accurate measurements of a large number of units.
The Ace arm with probe is the tool of choice if highly accurate mechanical results are required; this means the necessary part can be modelled and manufactured rapidly. In fact, the more accurate and reliable the input measurement is, the less need there is to adjust the part on the assembly line, meaning a significant gain in productivity.

Which applications prompted the company to choose a 2 m Ace arm with a Skyline Open scanner and the Zenith software?

  • Geometric measurements using probes to define the environment of a part directly on or in the vehicle
  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering of parts in the absence of CAD (old or broken parts)
  • Inspections using probes on parts manufactured as subcontractor
  • Generating inspection reports in the Zenith software


Projects related to the preparation of racing cars can be very varied and demanding, from adjusting the clutch in a rally car to installing a dry-to-dry differential in a “Formule France” car. The daily use of the Ace measuring arm minimises the time off the road for cars which have to be prepared for competition. The client can reclaim his car to carry out tests more quickly, while Asttus is free to carry out more customisation projects throughout the year.

Johan Thiriet, founder of Asttus, explains:
“This arm is like a Swiss Army knife, I use it instinctively and without thinking about it. It is very flexible and is suited to a wide variety of applications.”

At Asttus, the Kreon Ace arm demonstrates flexibility and can be adapted to different applications. Temperature-regulated, it can be used equally well in offices for monitoring or reverse engineering projects and in the workshop, mounted on a dolly, to carry out measurements on a vehicle. In addition to its main activity of machining mechanical parts, Asttus offers subcontractor manufacture of machined parts, and therefore needs to provide inspection reports. That is why the company chose the Zenith software, a very simple package which incorporates Kreon equipment perfectly and manages projects including scanning, probing, inspection and, of course, the generation of reports.


ASTTUS specialises in machining mechanical parts for motorsports. It is active at all stages in the preparation of vehicles for competition and is fully conversant with the customisation of vehicles from A to Z. It is also a subcontractor for machined mechanical parts, thanks to its in-house CAD/CAM capabilities and 5-axis machining.

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