During CONTROL trade show, that will be held in Stuttgart from 24 to 27 April, KREON will demonstrate its 3D measurement solutions’ diversity, and the flexibility of its products, ready to be integrated with various equipment, to be part of manual or automated quality control processes, and to suit any part.

3D Scanners for CMMs: full package solutions

To meet production and return on investments requirements, as well as to gain control time, 3D scanners are a valuable addition to traditional CMMs. Kreon offers a full range of 3D laser scanners, compatible with CNC CMMs, and will display two turnkey configurations dedicated to CNC CMMs, equipped with PolyWorks and Metrolog software:

  • KREON Zephyr II Blue scanner driven by POLYWORKS: with a MORA CMM and a Pantec controller
  • KREON Zephyr II Blue scanner driven by METROLOG: with an EROWA CMM and a Metrologic controller.

KREON range of scanners Zephyr II, Solano CMM and Aquilon can immediately equip PolyWorks or Metrolog software driven CMMs, under the condition that they are set-up with the appropriate controllers: Pantec controllers for PolyWorks, Metrologic controllers for Metrolog.

For CMMs equipped with other systems, a simple change to compatible controllers will provide an access to all the features of Kreon scanners with PolyWorks and Metrolog. Besides, PolyWorks software’s compatibility and accessibility will soon be extended to additional controllers.

KREON scanners can also equip CNC CMMs driven by following software: EasyCMM, Inca 3D, ArcoCad, RationalDMIS, Capps.

Track Ace: the fastest solution for large parts scanning inspection.

How to combine the accuracy of a measuring arm and the long range of a laser tracker in order to quickly scan large parts? Track Ace, the new KREON solution, joins these two 3D measurement technologies’ key benefits around its KREON Ace measuring arm. Tracked by the laser tracker in a tracking diameter of 160 meters, the Track Ace moves freely around the room, without any limit. Then the tracker merges the arm’s different positions into a common reference to build the measured part in its entirety.

This solution is particularly well-suited to large automotive or aeronautics parts’ inspection. It avoids the use of targets on the parts as well as leapfrog tedious manual operations. KREON Skyline Wide scanner, due to its 200 mm laser line, is the perfect addition to the Ace measuring arm for quickly scanning the largest surfaces.

Robotized inspection: CMR (Coordinate Measuring Robot), no more need for tracker assistance

KREON will display for the first time its Zephyr II Blue scanner on the new CMR solution – Coordinate Measuring Robot – a measuring robot used for automated online control without tracking system.

CMR is an easy solution to set-up, use and maintain. It reduces costs by eliminating any investment in optical or laser tracking systems, and overcomes technical constraints related to trackers such as dark shadows.

The solution was jointly designed by KREON Technologies, Metrologic Group and Stäubli Robotics. It will be displayed at Kreon’s booth: Kreon Zephyr II Blue with a TX 60 Stäubli robot, powered by Metrolog X4 i-robot.

Zephyr II Blue is a flexible 3D scanner, which is compatible either with measuring arms, CMMs or machine tools. Being used with a robot dedicated to production environment, it makes once again the demonstration of its versatility and efficiency.

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