The new scanner Zephyr III will be shown in preview on our booth (3212) during Control Stuttgart tradeshow from 07 to 10 May 2019.

The range of Zephyr scanners has been reinforced with the arrival of the new Zephyr III. Bringing significant productivity gains on CMM, the Zephyr III is fully dedicated to the scanning speed without sacrificing accuracy. With a 150 mm laser line width and an acquisition speed of 600,000 pts per second, it can quickly scan very complex and large parts in the smallest detail. Like the Zephyr II, the Zephyr III is suitable for CMM controls, particularly thanks to its probe, integrated directly under the scanner, intended to probing and scanning in the same measurement range. The Zephyr III is one of the most versatile scanners on the market and can be used on a large number of machines: CMMs, Kreon measuring arms, optical trackers, machine tools and robots.

To know more about Zephyr III scanner, come to visit us at Control show in Stuttgart, Germany or stay informed thanks to Kreon newsletter.

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