CONTROL exhibition in Stuttgart – Germany (May 5-8) is the largest annual European event dedicated to quality control and metrology. For this 29th edition, Kreon Technologies made a strong impact with the launching of a touch and scan robotic inspection solution as well as a touch and scan handheld system.


This year, we launch the AirTrack Robot, our robotic inspection system, so that we can provide a complete solution for the automated inline inspection. Through our partnership with Metrologic Group and NDI, we developed an all-in-one product with Kreon integrated scanners interfaced with the Metrolog X4 i-Robot application, as well as the NDI ProCMM optical tracker.
This solution is suitable for all industrial robots and is based on a high speed Kreon 3D laser scanner technology. The accuracy is independent from the robot’s precision and is provided by the NDI optical tracking camera linked with the Kreon laser scanner.
The Metrolog X4 software commands the robot trajectories and allows the control of geometrical entities or the complete analysis of freeform specifications.
Besides the Kreon 3D laser scanners enable both contact measurement, using a touch-trigger probe (TP2/20/200), and non-contact measurement due to its patented technology.
This unique solution is dedicated to demanding sectors, such as automotive, aerospace or manufacturing industries, anywhere you need a full automated inspection solution with high precision, robustness and flexibility.
During four days, you also discovered the AirTrack Handheld system, the first integrated contact and non-contact measurement tracking solution, developed thanks to the partnership between Kreon and NDI. The design of this new item was made to offer a lightweight and easy to handle product, suitable for large measuring volumes and long scanning time periods.
The Dynamic Part Referencing enables a continuous referenced measurement, even if the part moves during the measurement process, and provides a fully automated registration for an inline inspection application.


New Ace 7 axes measuring arm

With the result of our continuous research and development work, we showed the new Ace 7 axes measuring arm, whose handle has been redesigned for better ergonomics. The push-and-pull system brings more handling ability as well as a comfortable use; thus, this universal solution is convenient either for right-handed or left-handed users. Moreover, the 7th axis has been shortened in order to provide a better use of the attached laser scanner and lightened for long-time scanning.


Thanks for visiting us

Throughout the Control exhibition, you were present to see our wide range of measuring arms and laser scanners. Indeed, you enjoyed our package of 4.5m Ace measuring arm with Zephyr II Blue laser scanner, dedicated to large and reflective parts. Ace 6 axes measuring arm was presented and many visitors have appreciated this efficient probing solution.

Like every year, the Control exhibition 2015 was very successful with an increasing number of visitors. We thank our partners Metrologic Group and Metrostaff for showing Kreon systems on their booth.

We hope to see you all during the 30th edition, from 26th to 29th April 2016.


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