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Measuring arm vs optical tracker

Measuring arms and optical trackers are high performance measuring tools. They have their own advantages for some applications and some working environments…

Reverse engineering and hybrid modeling on a car rim

It seems impossible nowadays to have neither blueprint nor CAD file, but it happens in some not uncommon cases: very old parts for automotive collection, handmade parts from design and prototyping department, or for example when a sub-contractor company has turned bankrupt.

New video featuring the Ace Skyline scanning arm

Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm is the result of 25 years of research and development in 3D laser measurement. High technology Ace measuring arm combined with Skyline integrated 3D scanner is the perfect tool for all your applications.

Happy New Year

Kreon Technologies wishes you a Happy New Year.

3 key points to assess the speed of a 3D laser scanner.

Scanning speed is often the first selection criterion when buying a 3D laser scanner because it is essential for time-consuming operations such as quality control on serial parts.This is especially the case when parts have large areas to scan, requiring multiple scan...

Ace 7 axes measuring arms are now 20% more accurate

Committed in providing the best performing and the most qualitative products on the market, Kreon technical team has implemented its know-how for increasing the measuring arms accuracy, especially working on the 7th axis with this aim in mind.

Control trade fair 2016: Kreon unveils Skyline, the most recent one in its range

The edition 2016 of the Control trade fair, that took place in Stuttgart (Germany), closed Friday, April 29. For its 30th edition, the international trade fair for quality assurance gathered 914 exhibitors coming from 31 countries and 26,809 visitors from 92 countries. Over 150 new products were also showed for the first time.

Launching of Ace Skyline scanning arm

Ace Skyline scanning arm integrates a high technology 3D laser scanner Skyline with large laser line width (up to 200 mm), high speed, high resolution and accuracy. Skyline is the only scanner on the market to combine a wide laser line (up to 200 mm), a frequency of maximum 300 lines per second and a scanning speed of 600.000 points per second.

New scanning arm Ace Skyline

Find us at the Control Stuttgart tradeshow from 26 to 29 April 2016, booth .
The new scanning Ace Skyline with integrated scanner will be shown in preview on our booth.

3D scanning and 3D printing at Europac3D

In the TCT December issue, one of our reseller, Europac3D from the UK, was highlighted for his expertise in solutions merging 3D scanning and printing.

All Kreon 3D laser scanners

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