Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm is the result of 25 years of research and development in 3D laser measurement. High technology Ace measuring arm combined with Skyline integrated 3D scanner is the perfect tool for all your applications.

Dealing with rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, CAD comparison or first article inspection, Ace Skyline scanning arm is the ideal choice to get 3D models from any real objects. With its speed, accuracy, and resolution, it optimizes the process and helps saving time and money.

Skyline 3D scanner

Advanced scanning speed

Because of the Skyline scanner stunning speed, arm movements are faster and number of scan passes is reduced. With its two hundred millimeter laser line, a high frequency and an acquisition speed reaching up to six hundred thousand points per second, all parts are scanned in record time. This is a complete new scanning experience.

High resolution and accuracy

The Skyline 3D scanner can scan complex parts thanks to a high definition camera and a two thousand points laser line. It produces quickly high resolution point clouds and acquires the tiniest details. Due to its fifteen micrometer accuracy, it deals with the most challenging measuring requirements.

Glossy part scanning

Scanning has never been so efficient even for shiny surfaces like black glossy and metal parts. In addition, with the Skyline, no surface preparation and no targets are needed.

Contact and non-contact measurement

For advanced measuring applications requiring contact measurement during scanning process, like alignments or geometrical entities measurements, Kreon Ace Skyline can simultaneously been used with scanner and probe in the same measuring range.

Easy to use

Ace Skyline scanning arm is really lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, thus new users’ training is particularly short. The ergonomic handle and the Led indicators help to acquire scanning data faster and without effort. Moreover the compactness of the Skyline allows to scan even the hard to access zones.

Compatible with the major software of the marketplace, Ace Skyline is satisfying the measurement needs of various business sectors like automotive, aeronautics, foundry, heavy machinery, and education.
All over the world, our resellers already propose Kreon solutions to clients who trust us like Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, Nissan, Faurecia or Great Wall.

Ace Skyline scanning arm is speed, accurate and perfect for your business.

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