A better definition of 3D measurement.

New: QuickView screen

Clear visualisation and easy control of the main arm settings

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Battery charge

Battery life:
8 hours probing
4 hours scanning.
Batteries can be changed without stopping the measuring arm.

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Arm status

Check the arm is 100% operational or detect potential anomalies.

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Ambient temperature

Check and monitor the ambient temperature:
Prevent use outside normal operating temperatures (10-45°C).
Compensate for the expansion of parts during significant temperature variations.

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WiFi and Bluetooth

Easily use the arm far away from the computer thanks to the integrated wireless connection.

Kreon counterbalancing

Users particularly appreciate Kreon’s internal counterbalancing because it provides the perfect balance between firmness and flexibility. A lighter arm makes for even easier use.

Secure rest position

A soft fin cushions the arm’s return to its rest position. A magnet then secures the arm in its rest position and prevents it from swinging forwards.

120° range on axis 2

The large range of axis 2 allows the arm to reach very low areas. A particularly useful feature for tool inspections.

Handle lock

To prevent the handle moving along the arm, it is fixed by magnet to axis 2. Locking it in position like this prevents, for example, the scanner hitting the arm.

EasyClip removable handle for
increased flexibility

The handle on the Onyx 7-axis arm can be removed to allow measurement in cavities and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The handle is attached and removed by simply pressing the button on the end of it.

Intuitive control

Scanning and probing operations are controlled intuitively using highly responsive buttons located in ideal positions on the handle.

Secure hold

The handle grip offers a secure hold, essential for preventing slipping during prolonged use of the arm.

Repeatability of the Renishaw interface

The probe can be changed without recalibration thanks to the repeatability of the Renishaw interface. The arm automatically detects the probe being used.

Probe or scan, why choose?

With the Onyx arm, you can choose the best acquisition method, be it probing or scanning, depending on the type of part, quickly, at any time and without recalibration.

Complementarity of measures

Dimensional inspection of precise, small geometric areas is better done with the probe while the general shape of the part can be scanned with the 3D scanner without interrupting workflow.

The power of Skyline scanners

Perfectly integrated into the Onyx arm, Skyline 3D scanners meet the most diverse 3D scanning requirements.

Increased productivity thanks to the probe under the scanner

For even greater flexibility, there’s no need to detach the scanner to start probing operations because a probe can be positioned directly beneath the Kreon scanners.

A 6-axis version for greater accuracy

The Onyx measuring arm is also available in a 6-axis version for use in probing. Mainly intended for measuring demanding geometric entities, it is even more accurate than the 7-axis version.

Exceptional accuracy

The 6-axis version of the Onyx arm is up to 20% more accurate than the 7-axis version. This version of the arm is the most accurate in the Kreon range.

Freedom of movement

Axis 6 is extremely mobile with an impressive 360° range and can easily reach the underside of certain assemblies or the inside of rabbets.

Probing difficult-to-access areas

The interior of certain parts, impossible to measure with tracked tools, can be easily reached because the end of the arm is so fine.

High-resolution encoders

To offer an exceptional level of accuracy, high-resolution encoders are incorporated in the Onyx measuring arm. The angle formed by each axis of the arm is thus better determined and each position of the arm during movement is calculated with great precision.

Back panel

Battery access cover

Battery can be removed without switching off the measuring arm and without interrupting workflow.

Battery air vent

To preserve battery life.

Power supply for the arm

International standard 100-250v power supply.

Ethernet connection

When WiFi and Bluetooth are disabled, or when these protocols cannot be used for security reasons, data from the scanner and the measuring arm can be transferred by Ethernet.

Ultra light carbon structure

A high-tech product, the Onyx arm is made of materials from the aeronautics industry. Carbon fibre features heavily, providing stability while being extraordinarily light.

Ultra light carbon structure

A high-tech product, the Onyx arm is made of materials from the aeronautics industry. Carbon fibre features heavily, providing stability while being extraordinarily light.

Optimal accuracy, whatever the conditions

Temperature sensors

Through sensors located in the arm, the temperature is constantly monitored and compensated so that any expansion of elements of the arm associated with variations in temperature does not influence the accuracy of the measurements.

Complies with the ISO 10360-12 standard

All Onyx measuring arms are verified tested according to the ISO 10360-12 standard. This standard provides assurance that the measurement accuracies indicated are respected during the tests.

What is the ISO 10360-12 standard?

Endpoints in the software for axes 2, 4 and 6

When axes 2, 4 and 6 are constrained, they can cause measurement deviations. To remedy this, the measurements made are automatically stopped when they approach the endpoints of these axes. However, these limitations can be disabled if required.

Speed of installation

Compact and robust transport chest

The chest on wheels supplied with the portable measuring arm protects the arm during transport. It also makes it easy to move the arm as close as possible to the application.

Back handle

The handle on the back of the arm provides a secure grip for getting it out of the chest easily and placing it on its support.

Brunson interface

The Brunson universal interface can be quickly fastened to a variety of supports such as tripods, magnetic bases or rolling carts to provide a secure hold.

Designed for use without tools

Probes with integrated key

The probes supplied with the arm are equipped with an integrated key for faster assembly.

Magnetised battery cover

The battery cover is simply magnetised, allowing easy access to the battery for replacement or recharging.

Use of leapfrog for large parts

The leapfrog technique is used to move the arm bit by bit for 3D measuring of large parts with dimensions beyond the range of the measuring arm. To move from one measuring position to another, the operator just has to measure three references common to both positions. The Kreon leapfrog kits are available on request.

Contents of the transport suitcase

  • 1- Onyx measuring arm
  • 2- Ethernet cable, power and dust cover
  • 3- Base
  • 4- Validation bar (option)
  • 5- Skyline scanner (option)
  • 6- Accessory kit (1. probe 6 mm, 2. stylus tool, 3. flat key, 4. calibration sphere for probe)
  • 7- Kreon box (Zenith software, Kreon dongle and calibration certificats)

Technical specifications


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Onyx 6 axis

Arm modelE UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
Onyx-6-200.024 mm0.007 mm0.015 mm0.030 mm0.017 mm
Onyx-6-250.026 mm0.008 mm0.016 mm0.032 mm0.019 mm
Onyx-6-300.038 mm0.012 mm0.022 mm0.046 mm0.028 mm
Onyx-6-350.051 mm0.015 mm0.030 mm0.062 mm0.035 mm
Onyx-6-400.062 mm0.020 mm0.036 mm0.078 mm0.042 mm
Onyx-6-450.072 mm0.024 mm0.041 mm0.090 mm0.057 mm
Onyx-6-500.110 mm0.038 mm0.058 mm0.110 mm0.080 mm

Onyx 7 axis

Arm modelE UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
Onyx-7-200.025 mm0.010 mm0.018 mm0.040 mm0.020 mm
Onyx-7-250.028 mm0.011 mm0.021 mm0.044 mm0.023 mm
Onyx-7-300.050 mm0.016 mm0.028 mm0.072 mm0.035 mm
Onyx-7-350.061 mm0.020 mm0.035 mm0.087 mm0.043 mm
Onyx-7-400.074 mm0.025 mm0.040 mm0.102 mm0.052 mm
Onyx-7-450.100 mm0.038 mm0.049 mm0.110 mm0.065 mm
Onyx-7-500.120 mm0.052 mm0.062 mm0.125 mm0.089 mm

Maximum reachable distance

Arm modelMeasuring volume (diameter)Maximum reachable distance (diameter)
Onyx-202 m2.42 m
Onyx-252.5 m2.92 m
Onyx-303 m3.42 m
Onyx-353.5 m3.92 m
Onyx-40 4 m4.42 m
Onyx-454.5 m4.92 m
Onyx-505 m5.42 m

The specifications are the same for the 6 and 7 axis versions of the Onyx arm.

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