Based on the successful Solano range of products, Kreon Technologies is proud to announce the launch the new 3D scanner for CMM users: the Solano CMM, existing in Blue and Red laser version.

Up to now, the economical Solano scanning solutions were only available on arms, either for retrofits on existing arms or packaged with a Kreon arm. This easy-to-use and plug-and-play technology is now available on CMM in two different versions.

Solano CMM

The Solano CMM is equipped with a red laser and enables to scan most of industrial parts with a good accuracy and a high scanning speed.
Moreover, like Zephyr II range of products, a Renishaw TP 2/20/200 probe can be added to the scanner, enabling then a unique contact/non contact measurement mix.

Solano Blue CMM

The Solano Blue CMM is very powerful for difficult parts measurement (shiny, multi textures etc), increasing the possible applications. Its scanning volume has been optimized in order to increase the accuracy and the resolution.
This “Blue” version is also delivered with the trigger probe integration

Connection to CMM

The Solano CMM and Solano Blue CMM are directly compatible with Renishaw PH10 M/MQ indexed heads as well as its multiwire connections. Thanks to their small sizes, they can easily be mounted on a ACR3 changer for multi-probe program implementing. Delivered in standard with a complete connection kit (trigger and ethernet), the Solano CMM range of products is very easy to install and start up. Like all Kreon scanners and more specially the Zephyr II, the Solano Blue CMM has got the AQC (Auto Quality Check) benefit.


Plugins are available for CMM measurement software (Metrolog, CAPPS, Inca3D, etc.)
Moreover, the Kreon SDK offers all necessary tools to develop any other automatic measurement software for CMM users.

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