Scanning arm – Ace Skyline

Portable CMM with integrated 3D laser scanner

Scan wide, scan fast

Forget all that you already know and discover a new scanning experience with the Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm. This new standard, with a 200mm laser line width, will quickly become the right solution for all your needs of portable contact and non-contact measurement. Accuracy, speed, flexibility… It meets all your requirements and can easily scan the most challenging parts.

Scanner specifications

Max Speed

600,000 pts/sec



Laser line width

Up to 200mm

Max Frequency


High performance integrated 3D scanner

Advanced scanning speed

Skyline is the only scanner on the market to combine a wide laser line (up to 200 mm), a frequency of maximum 300 lines per second and a scanning speed of 600.000 points per second. The mix of speed and wide laser line enables to decrease the number of scan passes and to digitize any part in record time.

High resolution and accuracy

Equipped with a high definition camera and a 2.000 points laser line, Skyline produces a high resolution point cloud and catches the smallest details. Scan processes are shorter and more efficient. Due to its 15µm accuracy, Skyline 3D scanner deals with the most challenging requirements.

Ease of use

Skyline ergonomics was particularly studied to offer the best comfort of work: compactness and lightness (weight under 400g), LED indicator to visualize instantly and precisely the ideal scanning distance and the absence of external controller. To optimize its ease of use and to accelerate the probe mounting, this integrated scanner is also tool-free removable.

3D scanning of an engine with Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm

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Contact and non-contact measurement:

The Skyline scanner can be equipped with a hard probe or a touch-probe. This solution enables to scan and probe in the same measuring range, which is useful and efficient, especially for the alignment operations.

Skyline integrated scanner

Advanced 3D scanner for high speed point clouds acquisition

Ace measuring arm

The ideal portable CMM for high accuracy 3D measurement

Ace Skyline specifications


Scanning performanceProbing performance
Point repeatability
Probing performance
Volumetric accuracy
ACE-7-200.042mm0.022 mm0.032 mm
ACE-7-250.048 mm0.027 mm0.038 mm
ACE-7-300.061 mm0.042 mm0.051 mm
ACE-7-350.072 mm0.054 mm0.062 mm
ACE-7-400.084 mm0.069 mm0.074 mm
ACE-7-450.099 mm0.078 mm0.089 mm

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