Scanning arm – Baces Solano

Portable CMM with external 3D laser scanner

Simplicity and robustness

Baces Solano package is the entry level on the Kreon range of scanning arms and is the ideal tool for scanning simple parts. Being lightweight,it is perfectly convenient for long time scanning or probing. Its simple and stable structure combined with the temperature compensation feature make it a perfect and robust portable CMM
Scanner specifications

Max Speed

40,000 pts/sec



Laser line width


Max Frequency


Economic and really efficient

All-in-one solution

Baces Solano scanning arm is a complete solution for all your needs. Light, even on large size (4.6m), and portable, it can be used for metrological applications like quality control, CAD comparison, surface acquisition, rapid prototyping and much more.

Customize your own solution

Kreon has designed the Baces Solano package as an entry level solution, and some options are available to optimize its cost. Depending on your needs, Baces arms are available in two versions: the first one is made with carbon fiber tubes, and the second one, more affordable, with aluminum tubes. For a more competitive solution, Solano 3D scanner also exists in another version called Solano Lite.

Contact and non-contact measurement:

The Solano scanner can be equipped with a hard probe or a touch-probe. This solution enables to scan and probe in the same measuring range, which is useful and efficient, especially for the alignment operations.

Solano external scanner

Economic and easy to use 3D scanner.

Baces measuring arm

Baces arm, extremly light and stable measuring arm

Baces Solano specifications

Scanning performanceProbing performance
Point repeatability
Probing performance
Volumetric accuracy
M - 2.60m0.075 mm0.035 mm0.052 mm
G - 3.20m0.095 mm0.058 mm0.077 mm
XG - 4.20m0.132 mm0.084 mm0.110 mm
XL - 4.60m0.153 mm0.108 mm0.139 mm

Other Kreon scanning arm packages

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