Onyx Skyline

Onyx measuring arm with Skyline 3D scanners

Unprecedented 3D scanning quality

The Onyx Skyline solution combines the Onyx measuring arm with a 3D Skyline scanner to create a 3D measuring system, with and without contact, of unparalleled efficiency.
The most advanced 3D scanning solution from Kreon meets all your needs, whatever your application.

Save time

Advanced scanning speed

With its 200 mm laser line and 300 Hz acquisition frequency, the Skyline Wide scanner lets you scan large parts in the blink of an eye with fast, sweeping movements.

Perfectly integrated into the scanner to save even more time

A scanner that can be removed in no time

For moving quickly from scanning to probing.

Probe directly with the scanner

For probing and scanning within the same measurement range.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable

For effortless scanning for prolonged periods.

A measuring arm for scanning all parts

Flawless 3D scanning, whatever the appearance of the parts

Thanks to the advanced capacities of the Skyline scanners, difficult surfaces like gloss black, metal and carbon can be scanned easily and with high accuracy.

Scan the exact reality

High resolution, high accuracy

Skyline scanner provides a high resolution, to capture the tiniest details, and a high accuracy to closely reflects reality.

Scanned part in high definitionLow quality scanner
Skyline scanners range delivers stunning performances


600,000 pts/sec


9 µm

Laser line width*

200 mm


300 Hz

*maximum values depending on the Skyline scanner model

Skyline integrated scanners range

Advanced 3D scanners for high speed point clouds acquisition

Onyx measuring arm

The perfect portable CMM for high accuracy 3D measurements


Software for Kreon measuring arms

Easily manage scanning and probing

Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for acquisition and 3D measurement of industrial parts. Simple to learn but able to manage dense point clouds and create color mapping, this is Zenith.

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