Ace measuring arm – Portable CMM

Scanning has never been so intuitive

Kreon Ace measuring arm is the perfect system for contact and non-contact 3D measurements, on top of that it is particularly easy to use.

Ace arm can be equipped with Skyline 3D scanners, an advanced range with blue laser.

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Always the best measurement results

  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Stable accuracy due to temperature compensation.
  • Axis limits detection to prevent bad using.
  • Immediatly ready to work, no preheating, no target to paste on the part.
  • Robust and suited to most of industrial environments.
  • Compatible with the leading application software of the market.

6 or 7 axis measuring arm? How to choose?

Choose Ace 7 axis for scanning ergonomics

Choose a 7-axis arm to scan easily and effortlessly due to its handle and ergonomic design. KREON 7-axis brings more flexibility to properly handle the scanner.

Choose Ace 6 axis for probing and accuracy

Kreon Ace 6 axis is made for accuracy. It is mainly used for probing operations with high requirements.

Comfort means efficiency

  • Shock absorber for a smooth return to the rest position.
  • Probe diameter autodetection.
  • Internal counterbalance to lighten the weight of the arm and work longer.
  • Ergonomic handle with “Push and Pull” trigger.
  • Stable magnetic rest position.
Kreon ACE Arm size

Ace arms sizes

To meet the customers’ needs diversity, Kreon has developed a range of 6- and 7-axis Ace arms from 2 m to 4.5 m working volume.

To choose the most suitable portable CMM for your application, the working volume and the accuracy of the system have both to be considered.

Packages with Ace arm and Kreon 3D scanners

Ace Skyline

Ultimate package integrating a 3D scanner with wide laser line and amazing acquisition speed.

Ace Solano Blue

Professional package with 3D scanner well adapted for easy scanning of any industrial part.

Technical specifications

Ace 6 axis

Probing performance,
Point repeatability
Probing performance,
Volumetric accuracy
ACE-6-200.018 mm0.026 mm
ACE-6-250.023 mm0.034 mm
ACE-6-300.030 mm0.043 mm
ACE-6-350.039 mm0.056 mm
ACE-6-400.054 mm0.067 mm
ACE-6-450.072 mm0.082 mm

Ace 7 axis

Probing performance,
Point repeatability
Probing performance,
Volumetric accuracy
ACE-7-200.022mm0.032 mm
ACE-7-250.027 mm0.038 mm
ACE-7-300.042 mm0.051 mm
ACE-7-350.054 mm0.062 mm
ACE-7-400.069 mm0.074 mm
ACE-7-450.078 mm0.089 mm

For any inquiry regarding our Ace measuring arm

Please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours.

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