In 2020, we were consulted by GAGGENAU Company, a part of Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte German group, specialized in design and production of luxury household appliances.


They wanted to develop their static geometric measurements towards dynamic geometric measurements not only to save time but also to offer new services within the group.

They wanted to study the possibility of upgrading their existing machine measurement (WENZEL C.M.M.) by combining it with a scanning arm while controlling in a single software.
Chosen control software: Metrolog X4.
Chosen material: KREON ACE 7-25 measuring arm (2.5 m) + KREON ZEPHYR II BLUE 3D scanner.

Requirement: their goals were threefold:

  • Perform dynamic dimensional measurements on devices in operation
  • Carry out in-situ of production means analysis
  • Carry out fault analysis and reverse-engineering


Benefit: a capital of experience and expertise watered by knowledge:

  • Complete analysis of the «dimensional cycle» of product life
  • Complete analysis of the relative positioning of the components
  • Reverse-engineering of machine components, in-house machining.

About Gaggenau:

Gaggenau is a German luxury household appliance brand that belongs to the Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte group. Founded in 1683, its head office is in Munich, although the name Gaggenau comes from the eponymous city. The brand specializes in the design and production of luxury household appliances.

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