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Kreon scanners
Metrolog software
Metrologic controller


Kreon scanners
Polyworks software
Pantec controller

3D scanners with CMMs

Turn now your CMM into a scanning machine

Improve control time
Scanner multi-orientation
Control full part
3D scanners are a valuable addition to CNC CMMs to meet production and return on investments requirements, as well as to gain control time. Kreon 3D scanners maximize the potential of CNC CMMs machines.
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Full automatized integration

  • A unique software to drive the CMM, the scanner and to process datas.
  • Possibility to automatically calibrate the scanner positions onto the indexing head.
  • Use a probe directly connected under the scanner or switch between scanner and probes by using an auto-change rack.
  • Use PH10 motorised indexing heads (T,M and MQ) with Kreon scanner to control all the faces of the part

Extended compatibilities

  • Find the right Kreon 3D scanner suited to the application: Zephyr III, Zephyr II Blue, Solano CMM
  • Kreon Scanners are also compatible with Renishaw and Deva controller
  • Kreon Scanners can be integrated as well on driven and manual machines
  • Check complete software compatibility list here.

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