Ace Skyline scanning arm

Scan wide, scan fast

Forget all that you already know and discover a new scanning experience with the Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm. This new standard, with a 200mm laser line width, will quickly become the right solution for all your needs of portable contact and non-contact measurement.

Ace Zephyr II Blue

Advanced package with 3D scanner dedicated to accurate measurements even on shiny or reflective surfaces.


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More details about  Zephyr II Blue 3D scanner

Ace Solano Blue

Professional package with 3D scanner well adapted for easy scanning of any industrial part.


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More details about  Solano Blue 3D scanner

Baces Solano

Economic package with red laser scanner. A very stable and lightweight solution.


More details about Baces Arm
More details about  Solano 3D scanner

Unlimited possibilities

All Kreon scanners are ready to use with our arms

Any combination is possible, so you can make your own arm and scanner package: you can connect any scanner to any arm.
For the best matching of scan performance and cost reduction, we recommend the top level Zephyr II scanner, interfaced with our Baces measuring arm.

Contact us for special requests

versatility between any 3D scanners and any Measuring Arm

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