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Kreon is proud to announce the full integration of its range of 3D laser scanners together with Metrolog X4 i-robot, the fastest growing solution for inline robotic inspection.

The success of Kreon is built on the most accurate 3D laser scanner capable to be easily interchanged and mounted on portable arms, machine tools, manual and DCC CMM’s. Now Kreon laser scanners are fully integrated with the Metrolog X4 i-Robot software and can be used on any kind of robots.
“This is a great solution for a completely new market, a better way to automate inline quality control.” said Thierry Rebillard, President of Kreon Technologies. “To satisfy our customers’ always increasing demands, Kreon in partnership with Metrologic has created a completely new solution combining non-contact (high speed laser scanners) and contact (touch probes) measurement technologies. Using an optical tracking camera system the accuracy is totally independent of the robot’s positioning precision. This fully automated solution is based on the Zephyr II Blue 3D laser scanner high-level technology.”


“While in development for several years and only recently introduced to the market, Metrolog X4 i-Robot has set a new standard in 3D Automation inspection. Metrologic Group 35 years of expertise, combining CMM programming and inspection, point cloud handling and mastering any device interfaces have led us to this technical breakthrough, which I am glad to see integrated today with the Kreon sensors.” Commented Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group, also adding: “Combining all of these technologies in one single solution capable to solve any aerospace and automotive measurement is key to deliver a product-based solution to our customers.”
The premiere launch of the AirTrack Robot touch-and-scan laser head mounted on a robot at Control 2015 proves that Kreon continues to keep leading position by innovation with reliable and easy-to-implement solutions, while addressing new market demands.

Some of the benefits of this new solution are:

  • Solution for inline measurement
  • Fast scanning of any type of surfaces
  • Combining touch-and-scan measurements in the same sensor
  • Easily switch from scanning to probing
  • Ready for all geometrical and free form analysis
  • Programming and reporting integrated
  • Ready to take any measurement projects you have!

About Kreon Technologies

Founded in 1991 in Limoges, France, Kreon Technologies is a pioneer in 3D non-contact measurement technology. Today, Kreon offers complete contact and non-contact measurement solutions throughout the entire design and manufacturing process for industries such as automotive, aerospace, etc.

Accurate and flexible measuring arms and 3D laser scanners are ideal tools for quality control, reverse engineering, surface inspection and rapid prototyping.
Due to more than 20 year old expertise, Kreon has always launched innovated products such as the first versatile laser scanner ready to interface both with CMMs and articulated arms; the first 3D laser scanner with a blue laser as well as the patented touch and scan measuring solution.

The Kreon solutions help manufacturers to reduce production time, to bring their products faster on the market while eliminating manufacturing errors, increasing productivity as well as product quality. Well-known for their technological advance, Kreon systems are available through a worldwide network of partners and specialists in charge of marketing, sales and technical support.

To learn more about Kreon products visit or call us at +33 555 428 040

About Metrologic Group

Metrologic Group is the world Metrology software frontrunner, specialized in the design and development of industry-leading 3D inspection software solutions, associated electronics and integration services.

The renowned Metrolog X4 3D Inspection software is already implemented as a standard by major companies in the automotive, aerospace and other industries to optimize and improve capabilities of their existing 3D measuring systems.
Our direct device interfaces include full integration to any existing measuring system, laser trackers, laser radars, portable arms and other measuring devices. The power of Metrolog X4 allows you to acquire data, analyze and graphically report any type of 3D measurements for any part ranging from full GD&T analysis based on discrete data sets to large point cloud data sets.
With offices and distributors located worldwide, a team of specialists is always available nearby your location to deliver tailored and dedicated software based solutions to all your 3D measurement needs and requirements.

Visit us online at or contact us at +33 476 043 030 for more information on our advanced 3D measurement software and solutions or

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