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Cheminées Poujoulat have been devoting their expertise for more than thirty years to the design of complete smoke evacuation systems for houses, apartment buildings and industries.

Cheminées Poujoulat became a standard for flues, joints, casings, chimney stacks, flue for airtight boilers, smoke extractors, mufflers…

Poujoulat’s research department uses a Kreon Solano laser scanner with a Baces measuring arm to digitize hundreds of references of roofing tiles. This allows them to virtually simulate all forms of roofs (with any type of tile, roof slopes…) to fit at best the stacks (external parts of the chimneys). This has enabled them to reduce the time and costs of adaptation of the stacks.



Legrand is the global leader in products and systems for electrical installation and information networks, offering more than 100 different kinds of electric equipments. A Kreon Zephyr KZ25 scanner is used on a 3D coordinate measuring machine in the Measurement Laboratory of the Quality and Environment service of the group.

The Kreon Zephyr laser scanner, associated to an inspection software is used to control new components and compare them to their CAD representation in order to obtain a color mapping of the deviations. The accuracy and technological advance of the Kreon laser scanners were important criteria in Legrand’s choice.

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