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Control Messe 2019 sum up

Missed the opportunity to come to Control Stuttgart this year? Here is a small summary of the workshops presented on Kreon stand.

CONTROL 2019: new KREON ZEPHYR III scanner

The range of Zephyr scanners has been reinforced with the arrival of the new Zephyr III. Bringing significant productivity gains on CMM, the Zephyr III is fully dedicated to the scanning speed without sacrificing accuracy.

CONTROL 2018: the quality trade fair

During CONTROL trade show, that will be held in Stuttgart from 24 to 27 April, KREON will demonstrate its 3D measurement solutions’ diversity, and the flexibility of its products, ready to be integrated with various equipment, to be part of manual or automated quality control processes, and to suit any part.

Skyline: now a range of three scanners

The Ace Skyline Kreon 3D measurement solution, which combines Ace measuring arm with Skyline scanner, is enlarged with new scanners. Thereby Skyline scanners now come in three models to create the new Skyline scanners range: Eyes, Wide and Open.

Measuring arms – 10 tips for becoming an expert user

Some factors can influence the quality of data from measuring arms – the working environment, the operator, the organization of tasks.
That’s why below Kreon gives 10 tips to get the best results from your measuring arm.

Measuring arm vs optical tracker

Measuring arms and optical trackers are high performance measuring tools. They have their own advantages for some applications and some working environments…

Reverse engineering and hybrid modeling on a car rim

It seems impossible nowadays to have neither blueprint nor CAD file, but it happens in some not uncommon cases: very old parts for automotive collection, handmade parts from design and prototyping department, or for example when a sub-contractor company has turned bankrupt.

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